We help European & American companies research opportunities and enter new markets.

We help European & American companies research and enter new markets.


From branding to advertising services, we provide full-spectrum national marketing services for our clients and partners. While we focus on conversions, ROI, and data-driven optimization of marketing and sales efforts, we implement beautiful design across all mediums and platforms that connect with users and properly position the company within the market.

Our breadth of experience across different niches and industries from around the world allow us to bring a unique approach for our clients. Our team of in-house and professional partners are adept at finding creative solutions to meet client goals and objectives.

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KATERCO specializes in the vetting, cultivating, and funding of ideas, products, and projects on behalf of European Firms; specifically designed to establish market readiness and success in the United States through a collaboration of legal, financial, importation, distribution, marketing and branding specialists.

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