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In Depth Market Research

The market size alone does not really indicate much about the chances of a company or a product. You can only be successful if what you have to offer covers a need, i.e. when your products are adapted to the American needs.

KATERCO initiates research regarding the market chances of a product on the US market for small and medium-sized companies that are wanting to penetrate the US market, yet shy away from the investment in their own subsidiary or do not have experience and language / cultural knowledge of the North American market.

During the initial market research, the competitors and possible future partners are identified and analyzed. The results of the initial market research are refined and detailed in the second step. The results are the foundation for further decisions and the foundation for the marketing strategy.

Strategic Marketing Services

We partner with proven branding and marketing experts to introduce our clients to the US market. We guide them through the research and objectives to create a holistic plan for entering the market, building the business, and creating stability.

We then manage the results of the marketing plan through a comprehensive strategic approach to develop inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and follow up data analysis.

From digital marketing and websites to print materials and trade shows, we provide a complete suite of marketing products and services to create a full, professional appearance. Every marketing solution is customized to the client and designed and developed to meet their unique needs.


Hybrid Management

We assist our clients with many ongoing management services including, but not limited to, sales, marketing, price formation, the securing of patent and brand rights, selection of legal form, all tax law related issues, the selection of the business partner, import and customs formalities.

KATERCO works closely together with the client and coordinates all decisions with the partners overseas. The multilingual team has a good understanding of the US market and carries all the management and controlling functions for its customers in the USA.

Our goal is to realize a long-term partnership and successful US business for our partner. We continue working indefinitely with many clients even after regular business is ongoing, and we also assist with transition periods once a client has established a permanent US presence.

Working together with German and American partners, we manage US-related business matters for our clients.